Working Together


I’ve been exactly where you are, I’ve been the patient. And it’s made me that much better at what I do.

Your body can heal - your body actually really wants to heal.  You just need to know how to create the conditions for the body to work its own magic. Let’s get you there together.  

Empathy, compassion and understanding are cornerstones in my approach to uncovering the root cause of your why you’re not feeling well. Through a combination of nutritional science, supplementation, energy medicine, neuroscience,  and a variety of ancient indigenous healing modalities, we will get you well.

And this is my promise to you: I’ll only take you on if I fundamentally believe I can help get you well.

Initial Consultation

It’s not just Everything matter. Two plus hours together going over everything - I want to know about your childhood, your love language, your inner talk, your things youWe’ll spend two plus hours together going over everything - things most practitioners haven’t asked you, but should have.