Modern medicine has a problem: it’s prescriptive when it should be preventative. 

Modern medicine is organized by specialty, so patients run to their dermatologist for a skin rash and their rheumatologist when their joints act - but Yet this approach neglects one basic, objective truth: our bodies work seamlessly as one unit, not individual organ systems.

Ultimately, you control your physiology.

Think back to a moment when you felt truly relaxed and utterly present in the moment. Your breathing was slow and easy, your muscles were relaxed.

Now, imagine feeling that relaxed, when all of sudden, an intrusive, upsetting thought enters your mind. Rather than feeling relaxed as you were a minute ago, your heart might start racing, breathing is fast and shallow,maybe your muscles tense up.

What happened? NOTHING. Well, nothing except that your mind affected your body - your thought changed your body’s physiology.